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Discretionary Service

Looking for a truly bespoke investment portfolio solution?

Chartered Independent has grown through a belief that clients want peace of mind and the best investment portfolios at all times. We provide a focused investment management service and build truly bespoke investment portfolios that work hard for our clients.

Chartered Independent have obtained special discretionary permissions that allow us to:

1. Trade regularly within your portfolio so it is methodically tuned to move gains in rising markets and invest in discounted holdings during falling markets. This is called rebalancing.

2. Ensure you have the right funds, and monitoring and changing your investments when necessary. Over the years, you will not be left holding funds that have become obsolete. This is called fund switching.

3. Monitor the charges levied on your investments by fund managers. Over time, these charges can both increase and decrease. We monitor these to ensure a fair balance between returns and cost. This is called cost management evaluation.

Investment expertise, with a personalised approach

Financial markets today during any period of economic turbulence move very fast. Keeping up with events that can impact your investment portfolio is, therefore, becoming ever more difficult and time-consuming. At Chartered Independent, our specialist investment team take away the headache of constantly having to monitoring your portfolio.

"My pension with the NHS was due to be reviewed, I was concerned about the right options to take and what to do with the tax free lump sum. Gavin sorted this all out and explained the paperwork. I am happy with what he has done and he is now our family financial adviser."
Natalie, Shropshire, Office Manager

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